Very Important Player

The AYSO VIP Program ensures Everyone Plays.


Soccer disabilitiesAYSO is proud to offer a very special program for children and adults with physical or mental disabilities. Our VIP (Very Important Player) program provides a safe, fun environment with trained coaches and volunteers who facilitate an enriching experience that the players and their families will cherish forever.

VIP programs operate within the existing structure of a Region as a division. Teams are made up of as few as five players and may be coed. VIP teams are balanced like other AYSO teams with players rated by size and physical ability.

The program has special rule allowances so more kids can enjoy the benefits of AYSO soccer. VIP teams may include players who are blind, amputees, mentally challenged, and autistic. Teams may also include players with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, or other conditions that impair mobility, strength, or comprehension.

"Buddies" from other teams assist during the games. Players learn soccer while meeting new friends, having fun, and increasing skills and self-esteem. Players and their families, along with the volunteers, enjoy the complete AYSO experience: team uniforms, scoring goals, cheering from the sidelines. The list goes on!

Our goal is to make sure that everyone can play the beautiful game. Join our mission today!

Mission & Vision

Soccer disabilitiesThe mission of the AYSO VIP Program is to provide a quality soccer experience for individuals whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult for them to successfully participate on mainstream soccer teams. What is successful participation? It is defined by the player’s enjoyment and the safety of all team members.

The vision of the AYSO VIP Program is to create VIP teams in every AYSO Region wherever possible and to maximize opportunities for VIP player participation where VIP teams are not available.


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