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United Youth Club Soccer ProgramWelcome to AYSO United, AYSO’s official club program. Our club allows players to enjoy more advanced play, participate in intense competition, and receive cutting-edge training while still enjoying the benefits of AYSO and its Six Philosophies. United models its program under U.S. Soccer’s Zone 1 initiatives that falls directly under our “Development over Winning” approach. United’s primary difference from EXTRA is that each team is formed through a formal try-out process and will compete in U.S. Club or USYS gaming circuits, which different than AYSO game rules. 

While United players will be selected through a tryout, once on the team, each player will be guarantee 50 percent playing time. All United players will play at least half of every game, have coaches that follow AYSO’s coaching philosophies, will practice exemplary good sportsmanship, and will have advanced player development opportunities to grow in a challenging environment.

Furthermore, being part of the official United club means you’re a member of “The World’s Biggest Soccer Club.” Each player will receive a membership gift, along with a player ID card, discounts, benefits from our corporate sponsors, and much more. As an AYSO United member, your child will also be associated with all the other AYSO United players around the country and rest assured that your child is supported by the AYSO values and culture.

United will not only be recognized in local state associations, but will also be a club that will have a tremendous impact on the game in the U.S. Our players, coaches, and directors will be role models for the Core programs, which will allow our membership to reach its greatest potential. The AYSO United program will have teams that will play with integrity, desire and passion for AYSO and the game itself. Our players will see success both on the field and with teammates, playing in an environment that encourages teamwork and sportsmanship. Our players will develop holistically (on and off the field) training and playing in an environment that promotes teamwork, respect and sportsmanship.

AYSO United is currently only available to Regions 279 and 337 in Area 5B. However, if United is not available at your local region, let them know you're interested!

Player Development

United Youth Club Soccer ProgramUnited is truly a player development club. 

AYSO is renowned for its commitment to child development and putting the player before game results. United continues this commitment as we value the growth of the individual player. Our focus is on skill acquisition for the individual player and the team for technical and tactical capabilities. AYSO United flips the soccer building blocks upside down by prioritizing psychosocial development as the starting point to technical, tactical and physical advancement.

We ensure every AYSO United player will get to play at least 50 percent of each match. This is promised at clubs all over the country, but rarely is accounted for. AYSO has delivered on this commitment since 1964. All players need to play to learn, develop and get better!

All players will receive training from a trained and certified (AYSO, U.S. Soccer and/or NSCAA) coach, highlighting our commitment to education. Each coach is fully supported by our National Coaching program. We believe that supporting coach education enhances the players’ experiences and the training environment.

Our National Curriculum was developed in complete alignment with U.S. Soccer’s Zone 1 Player Development Initiatives, including the cornerstone: “Development over Winning.” All players will be taught age-appropriate techniques, allowing them the best opportunity to succeed on the field of play. Our curriculum carefully scaffolds for each age group to have appropriate methodology and technical and tactical development. All content and methodology is current with a global representation of today’s game.

Our teams are not formed with financial objectives, rather we embrace U.S. Soccer’s short-sided model as we feel that a focus on technique and skills will serve the player in the long run. Our coaches are encouraged to select players who demonstrate the qualities to develop in the AYSO United model. Players are to play as part of the team, not simply be a squad number. Our roster sizes are limited to ensure maximum playing time for each and every player. For the good of the child. For the good of the game.


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