Ages 3 to 5? You bet!


Playground ChildDevelopment ProgramThere’s nothing that matches the joy of seeing a group of young children enjoying the experience in a soccer-themed environment. AYSO Playground is a development program for children 3 to 5 years old and uses soccer-themed activities and participation to develop a child’s early fundamental motor skills. This is the foundation of sports success and an active lifestyle.

Please note that Playground Soccer is not soccer games for young children. It is for the development of Fundamental Motor Skills that will lead into future soccer-specific learning.

The AYSO Playground Soccer program is specially designed for 3 to 5 year olds and run by your own Region volunteers. This is the same we run other AYSO programs. This is a great way for parents new to AYSO to participate. Parent involvement is a critical component and a great way to begin to nurture a new volunteer base as the kids grow. You’re not just getting the next generation of players, you’re getting the next generation of coaches, referees, Board Members, and other volunteers that makes your Region run!

Designed by child development and soccer experts, give your child the advantage with AYSO Playground. Contact your local Region today.


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